Our Properties

3 Churchill Drive

English Tudor l Cherry Hills Village

590 S Harrison Ln

Mid-Century Modern | City of Brest Park

1402 Old Tale Rd

Mid-Century Modern | South Boulder Creek

3001 S Franklin St

Mid-Century Modern | Arapahoe Acres
$1,475,000 (SOLD)

4650 S Denice Dr

Cherry Hills Village

3980 S Bellaire St

Mountain Contemporary | Cherry Hills Village
$2,650,000 (SOLD)

5 Cherry Hills Farm

Architectural Renovation | Cherry Hills Village
$3,675,000 (SOLD)

4100 S Bellaire St

Mid-Century Modern | Cherry Hills Village
$2,585,000 (SOLD)

1201 N Williams St 5A

Sophisticated Design | Cheesman Park
$2,660,000 (SOLD)

965 S Steele St

Modern Design | Bonnie Brae
$2,725,000 (SOLD)

975 S Jackson St

Renovated Ranch | Belcaro
$2,265,000 (SOLD)

410 Acoma St 702

Private Penthouse | Baker
$1,825,000 (SOLD)

3201 W Scott Pl

Modern Residence | Berkeley
$1,089,000 (SOLD)

1431 E Cornell Ave

Mid Century Modern | Arapahoe Acres
$1,010,000 (SOLD)

1788 S Jasmine St

Mid Century Modern | Lynwood
$685,000 (SOLD)

1431 E Dartmouth Ave

Mid Century Modern | Arapahoe Acres
$595,000 (SOLD)

Real Estate Philosophy

First and foremost, A Realtor should be a sincere and genuine advisor that brings trust and confidence to a transaction. They must possess the highest level of knowledge they can regarding property valuations, and strive to know more information than others about neighborhoods and market conditions. This is easier said than done, but these are the core values Jeff holds to in his profession.

Real Estate Services

Buy Your Dream Home

The hunt for a dream home requires an agent with a strong network and nuanced skills. Jeff specializes in finding the right property in the right location on or off market and if necessary, lead designer, Amy Tomlan, will work directly with the client to design and customize the house to their exact needs. Our process has the highest probability of finding or creating what you’re truly seeking.

Market Valuations

Identifying the true market value of a property and all of its unique characteristics is a subtle art form. A property may have a lot of square footage, but if the ceilings are low and the daylight or layout is poor it will sell for less than another home without these flaws. But how much less? What are all of these different property characteristics actually worth? Jeff Tomlan’s greatest skill as a broker has always been astute market valuations, which is the most important skill your real estate agent should possess.

Elevate Your Marketing

When it comes to selling and marketing a home, vision is everything. The first images a Buyer sees online will immediately create the most significant impression. This is why M.A.D has an architectural photographer on staff with a background in the fashion industry to inspire a lifestyle with each curated image. We also provide custom videography with music arranged and composed by founder, Jeff Tomlan to create the most sophisticated and engaging marketing experience available.

Investment Properties

A successful renovation or restoration begins with a solid find. Jeff and the M.A.D. team are always on the hunt for opportunities to purchase architecturally interesting homes. Our polished design and architectural awareness always yields the highest resale prices, so It is no coincidence that every single Buyer of one of our past projects has since become an investor with M.A.D.

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