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Design Philosophy

Timeless is the antithesis of trendy. While it’s easy to be drawn to what’s popular, finding a style that suits the essence of a home is far more honorable. We are diligent in our observations and meticulous with our material sourcing – M A D designs speak to what makes your space unique.

Design Services

Custom New Build

M A D has established relationships with architects and builders across the state, making it easier for our clients to benefit from an existing network to get a project off the ground. Because we collaborate within the design community, we are able to pair clients with an architect and builder who understand your vision.

Interior Design

Working with an interior designer means you will have access to an advanced list of vendors that exclusively work with trade professionals. Oftentimes clients save money by working with an interior designer due to trade pricing on furniture and materials. In addition, interior designers are able to cut through the noise of selecting materials to reduce time and effort in bringing your vision to life.

Art Collection & Curation

If you have already moved in but the spaces are missing something, maybe it’s time to start your art collection? Art is a very personal touch and can bring the home to life with its colors and moods. Our designers collaborate with galleries and artists globally to help you curate art for the spaces in your home.

Comprehensive Renovation

Our Design team has become experts in renovation projects. We frequently work directly with our Buyers to reimagine the space of an existing property to enhance its characteristics. Often the best neighborhoods in Denver and Cherry Hills require buying an existing home, so having a design team that can help you realize your vision is paramount.

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