M A D Art Curation

M A D works with artists and galleries locally and globally to curate your private collection and integrate it with your home’s design.

M A D Music

M A D creator, Jeff Tomlan is also an accomplished musician and composer in Denver. Jeff has been integrating his music into video marketing, events, and open houses for his entire real estate career. Take a moment to listen to some original music and arrangements of jazz standards performed by Jeff and local Denver musicians.

Along Came Betty

M A D Events

Our events are inspired by Modernism and Art Deco, when urban society was defined by jazz, art, and architecture. Hosted by the founders of M A D at immersive spaces and architectural venues, our events feature live music by creator, Jeff Tomlan, as well as design, performances, and art exhibitions from the M A D partners.

M A D Film

As a medium that blends visual and sonic elements to craft a story, film is one of our favorite artistic expressions. At M A D, we utilize videography not just to market our properties, but to voice our identity. Below, you can enjoy a few windows into our world.

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